video design

Just for laugh

90 min

Production and design of video projections for Arturo Brachetti’s shows

Full description

Arturo fait son cinéma

The video design for the show entitled Change by internationally renowned transformist Arturo Brachetti, produced in London in 2009 and for Arturo fait son cinéma in 2010-2011, a show that is still on tour in Europe and North America.


Production : Juste pour rire

Metteur en scène :

Sean Foley pour le spectacle « Change »

Serge Denoncourt pour le spectacle « Arturo fait son cinema »


Réalisation et montage : Jocelyn Langlois

Infographie : Catherine Allard


Challenge/ Mandate:


The mandate from Just for Laughs for the two shows was clear: we were to comply with the director’s demands, produce videos to his satisfaction and deliver them in time for the opening of the international tour.


In both cases, we first had to develop a working relationship with the director and comply with his artistic demands relative to the overall esthetics of the show, then add our own touch.


The inclusion of video in Arturo Brachetti’s shows is a key design element, because he needs time during his quick-change shows to set up successive numbers.


This mandate proved to be highly complex because the projections are on surfaces that are mobile or of varied textures, and had to conform to the artistic direction of the number performed on stage. A great deal of research went into creating the themes of the show. Adjusting and adapting each of the videos was an enormous job right up to the last minute of production.


Limoilou – Le Film
Roland de Québec
Fais ton propre Moulin (2min)
Comment voyez-vous l’avenir?
How do you see the future? (3min)
zambovni : votre geste compte!
zambovni : votre geste compte! (45 sec)
New York Orchestra (2m36)
Éclairage Contraste
Redéfinir la qualité (2m40)
Arturo fait son cinéma (2m44)
L'inaccessible étoile
L’inaccessible étoile (En) (2:54)
Momentum (2 min 17)
L’Effet (En) (1min10)
La Traversée légendaire (En) (2:13)


Citoyen des villes
La Urne