Documentary series

5 x 60 minutes

Urban life has developed worldwide for many thousands of years as humans have always sought to improve their living conditions. The series Citoyen des villes will be as fast-paced and frenetic as the lives of today’s city dwellers who travel, explore, compare, thrill to and perhaps worry about a world whose excesses are at once impressive and frightening. The team intends to draw on topics and examples at the source and to cast new light on major productions. We want to validate existing models and question counter examples in order to better understand our own individual development.
The series could cover five key urban issues: economy, land, architecture, transportation and demography.

Full description

I live in Quebec, a mid-sized city with a population of about 600,000, a vibrant, culturally rich downtown, quiet suburbs and plenty of parks. A city that I love and that is growing both economically and demographically. My city is starting to expand even as it moves toward greater densification, contradictory trends that give me something to think about.

The concerns that I share with my fellow residents would lead me to believe that mine is not the only city in this situation. I’d like to know how other small to mid-sized cities deal with growth, how urbanism developed over time and what interests are driving future trends.

I intend to produce a documentary series on a topic of importance to me as a resident of Quebec City, but also as a citizen of the world, given that close to 65% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by the year 2025.

The documentary series entitled Citoyens des villes will explore several aspects of urban life to understand its foundations and orientations, its insatiable appetite and timeless attraction, and solutions for sustainable urban development, starting in our own backyard.


Citoyen des villes
La Urne