Viral clip

Tourism office of Québec city


Viral clip aimed at promoting the Image Mill

Full description

Fais ton propre Moulin

A group of office workers have fun creating their own Image Mill on their laptops.


Ex Machina and Quebec City and Area Tourism wanted to rekindle interest in the Image Mill. They suggested segmenting an excerpt from the original projection on seven platforms that could be synchronized to show the excerpt in a format proportional to the real Image Mill.


Producteur : Nicolas Léger

Réalisation : Catherine Allard

Direction Photo : Richard Tremblay

Montage : Marilyn Laflamme

Intégration et segmentation du Moulin : Jean Larochelle

Prise de son : Daniel Basque

Scénario: Catherine Allard


Avec :

Eric Raymond

Marilyn Laflamme

Nicolas Léger

Thierry Poitras

David Dufour

Carine Bourget

Philippe Venne


Remerciements spéciaux

Centre Alyne Lebel, NOFOLO, Jocelyn Langlois, Le Moulin à Images, Chantal Duplain, Lynda Beaulieu,


The difficulty presented by this mandate lay in the segmentation of the original projection of the Image Mill, keeping the proportions, of superior quality, and resizing each of the segments initially projected onto an irregular surface, with its curves and rough spots, for the flat screens of laptops. A painstaking job meticulously accomplished by Jean

Larochelle, who made this exercise accessible to the general public.

Our Approach


Basically, this clip was meant to seem like a ‘homemade’ production, as if the office workers had really done it during their lunch hour.


We didn’t want to create a phony home video by trying to fool the savvy Internet user who would have quickly seen through it, undermining the real purpose of the video.


We came up with the idea of mixing two styles: that of an amateur videographer who walks around filming the group and asking his friends to ham it up for the camera, and the other, that of a pro who directs the actual production and who we talk to at the end, inviting people to do the same thing at home. This way, we have no problem running the video credits at the end of the clip.


Limoilou – Le Film
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Fais ton propre Moulin (2min)
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How do you see the future? (3min)
zambovni : votre geste compte!
zambovni : votre geste compte! (45 sec)
New York Orchestra (2m36)
Éclairage Contraste
Redéfinir la qualité (2m40)
Arturo fait son cinéma (2m44)
L'inaccessible étoile
L’inaccessible étoile (En) (2:54)
Momentum (2 min 17)
L’Effet (En) (1min10)
La Traversée légendaire (En) (2:13)


Citoyen des villes
La Urne