Full-length fiction film

Cholé Lavoie-Cortes leads the full, exciting life of today’s bright young single woman. Zero commitments, flex-time on the job, a busy social network of superficial relationships: what more could a carefree 25-year-old girl ask for!
Chloé unexpectedly inherits a family urn for which she is to be responsible from now on. She’ll have to collect the ashes of the deceased who have asked to be reunited in the urn.
The only way Chloé can get out of this responsibility is to find someone to replace her. In the meantime, she must carry on the tradition of the ‘urn keepers’ and abide by its code of honour.
‘The urn’ will turn Chloé’s values and concerns upside down, throwing into question her relations with her family and the importance of taking care of others to give meaning to your life.

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La Urne