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Office du tourisme de Québec

2 min 17

Interactive video aimed at attracting a business clientele to Quebec City

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Trade commissioner Louis Labonté invites the viewer to register for a convention, since his presence is the key to its success!

For this mandate, the firm LXB and Quebec City Tourism asked Ciné-Scène to produce a video that would incite businesspeople to choose Quebec City for their conventions and special events.

Producteur : Nicolas
Réalisation : Catherine Allard
Direction Photo : Richard
Costumes et accessoires : Sébastien
Prise de son : Jean-Robert Deroo
Scénario: Esther Thomassin
Directeur Artistique LXB : Jean

Avec :
Normand Bissonnette
Mireille Lévesque
Caroline Dorval


Centre des Congrès de Québec, le RTC, le club de golf Albatros, l’Hôtel de Ville de Québec


The key element in this video is without a doubt the integration of the name of the user as he clicks to view the clip’s different shots: it appears on the Convention Centre cake, on the city buses, on car licence plates and the like. The firm in charge of integration, O2 web, had specific filming requirements to make it easier for them to add the name to the image. Mission accomplished with superlative results!

Produced in May, unseasonably cold weather gave us trouble during our outdoor shoots. The video was shot in both official languages, in addition to one version for organizers and another for unregistered viewers, for a total of four different versions.

Our Approach
Targeting a business clientele on the web, the video had to be fast-paced, dynamic and eye-catching. The interactive elements featured throughout the entire clip keep the user interested and entertained. Our actor also had to be upbeat without parodying a salesperson; he had to be both believable and funny.


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