Festival international d'été de Québec

45 sec

Animated clip to incite people to recycle their aluminum can pull-tabs.

Full description

zambovni : votre geste compte!

An amusing animation video to encourage recycling on Festival d’été de Québec sites in 2011. This widely run clip is one of several videos that we have produced for the FEQ in the past four years.

Équipe :

Production : Nicolas Léger

illustrations : Gitane Caron

Animation : Jean-François Bouchard

Réalisation : Jean-François Bouchard


Remerciements spéciaux




The FEQ wanted to convince people to recycle their aluminum can pull-tabs in a way that was funny without being moralizing. We scripted, illustrated and produced a clip that hit the mark. Shown on the giant screens at the Bell Stage, it was seen by the huge crowds on the Plains for all ten days of the summer festival.


For the past three years, the Festival d’été international de Québec has asked us to produce all of the videos shown on the giant screens flanking the Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham. We edit sponsors’ spots and integrate an entertaining, personalized animation on a pleasing visual frame.


The FEQ has also mandated us to create the video displays on the Loto Québec arches on Rue St-Jean and Grande-Allée.



Our approach

The concept for the Zambovni, you can make a difference! clip was developed by Jean-Francois Bouchard and Gitane Caron in consultation with the FEQ team. Using a cartoon medium made our audience receptive rather than critical. The straightforward and slightly ironic tone of the message was easy for everyone to understand. The clip also had to be eye-catching but not aggressive because it was shown to the same audience several times during the evening.


Producing the video content for the screen and the arches demands attention to detail, efficacy and discipline.  The information to be integrated is often provided at the last minute and calls for making variations to the content throughout the ten days of the Festival. We must be ready and able to make quick changes and meet tight deadlines.


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zambovni : votre geste compte!
zambovni : votre geste compte! (45 sec)
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