Limoilou – The Movie

Long feature movie

Edgar Fritz


" The Limoilou district, winter of 2014. Ever since their lead singer left them for a rival band, the artistic ambitions of Olivier and Grondin have hit a wall. And while a pseudo superhero plays havoc with the peace of mind of local residents, our two protagonists try desperately to find a balance in their personal lives and to realize the musical project they've been struggling with."

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Limoilou – The Movie

Limoilou – Le Film paints the portrait of a city district that its residents value for what it really is: a vibrant community, diversified and rich in history.

But Limoilou – Le Film goes beyond the life of a single district to reveal the true nature of these authentic neighbourhoods, which are the heart and soul of Quebec, Montreal or any other city in the world.



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